Our Centers

Please stop in & visits us at any of our centers, you may pick up applications & make payments at any of our centers.  Our facilities are locked 24/7 so please ring door bell and identify yourself upon entry, niawen.

Kawehnoke Child Care Center
Supervisor: Angela Thompson
Designte: Sherri Porter, RECE 
Rooms: Infant (3m-18m), Toddler (18m-30m), Preschool (30m+)
Address: 10 Community Center Road, Akwesasne, ON k6H 5R7
Phone: 613-938-5067
Email: angela.thompson@akwesasne.ca
Kanatakon Child Care Center
Supervisor: Connie Hall
Designte: Sharla Burns
Rooms: Infant (3m-18m), Toddler (18m-30m)
Address: 21 Park Street, Kanatakon, QC H0M 1A0
Phone: 613-575-1915
Email: connie.hall@akwesasne.ca
TsiSniahne Child Care Center
Supervisor: Lacey Angus
Designate: Leonee Mitchell
Rooms: Toddler (18m-30m), Preschool (30+)
Address: 20 Snye School Rd, TsiSnaihne, QC H0M 1A1
Phone: 613-575-1171
Email: lacey.angus@akwesasne.ca