Our Staff

Akwesasne Child Care Program is very proud to have an outstanding team of qualified team.  All Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) are registered with the Ontario College of ECE.

Program Manager: Lani Sunday 

Program Support Officer: Heather David

Kawehnoke Supervisor: Ange Thompson      Kanatakon Supervisor: Connie Hall RECE      TsiSnaihne Supervisor: Lacey Angus - RECE

     Bev Terrance -Designate                                   Sharla Burns RECE Designate                        Leonee MItchell RECE Designate

     Kourtney Oakes RECE                                        Sue Rourke RECE                                           Dawn Bero RECE

     Sherri Porter RECE                                            Shania Oakes RECE                                       Kaitlyn Lazore RECE

     Jessi Cook RECE                                                 Kiana Jacobs Thompson                                Sueann Tremblay

     Stacey Jacobs RECE                                            Dawn Day RECE                                             Arlene David RECE 

     Taylor Armstrong                                              Kim Jackson                                                 Lacey Mitchell - Cook

     Mikayla Thompson                                              Tesia Cook - Cook

     Ietakhe David 

     Tammy Delormier - Cook

Our dedicated supply: Cheryl Mitchell, Dorothy Cole, Cecelia King, Michelle Terrance, Tyrone Johnson, Taylor Francis

Our Contracted Specialties & Visitors

Private Home Program

Wanita Thompson is our Private Home Provider

Tota Program

Angie Sunday, Liz Sunday, Inez Seymour, Lucy Papineau, & Joan Mitchell

Special Needs

Pascal Albut Delormier


Singing Groups

If you are interested in joining our team, we do call outs in November & May, or postings will be in the newspaper or online.  THose interested please send your resume along with two letters of reference to lani.sunday@akwesasne.ca.   Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.