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Special Needs

The Accp conducts age appropriate screenings on every child using the Nipissing District Developmental Screening Tool

  • It is a quick survey that looks at the key skills most children should master at a specific age.

  • It can help you determine if there are any areas of your child’s development that may need extra help.​

  • There is an NDDS for 13 key stages of development, from 1 month - 6 years of age.Including one at 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months,18 months – important, 2 year, 30 months, 3 year, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years.


Why is it important to track my child’s development?

Identifying and responding to your child’s developmental needs as early as possible can make a big difference.


Advantages for Your Child - Access important services and supports  early intervention to improve key skills needed to support learning, and to help them feel good about themselves!

Advantages for Parents - Learn about activities that you can do with your child  to support his/her development, discover community services and supports to help, increase your confidence knowing that you are doing everything you can for your child.

Individualized Service Plans

If a child has been diagnosed with a special need, or if they have been identified as needing an aid, you as a parent will be consulted and together with the supervisor and RECE aid will create an individualized service plan while in care.  Referrals to additional services will also be offered.


If a child has been diagnosed with anaphylaxis please inform your center supervisor and together you will train & prepare staff and post notifications throughout the center.  Appropriate sign offs and emergency plans will be completed.

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